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1948 ?’ b&w Assamese d Bishnu Rabha, Phani Sarma st Lakhidhar Sarma lyr Shiba Bhattacharya, Bhupen Hazarika c Sudhish Ghatak m Bishnu Rabha lp Phani Sarma, Bishnu Rabha, Chandradhar Goswami, Bhupen Hazarika, Anupama Bhattacharya, Nirupama, Ambika Patwari, Bhabha Hazarika

National integration movie made by former associates of the Assamese IPTA, calling for communal harmony through its central character Siraj (Sarma), a kind-hearted Muslim who raises an orphaned Hindu child. Composer and actor Bhupen Hazarika, making his debut here, remade the film in 1988, but four decades later the plot, lacking its initial conviction and performative authenticity, seemed maudlin.