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1923 St 6880 ft b&w d Baburao Painter pc Maharashtra Film sHari Narayan Apte's novel Gad Aala Pan Simha Ge/a c S. Fattelal lp Balasaheb Yadav, Kamaladevi, Nalini, Baburao Painter, V. Shantaram, Zunzharrao Pawar, K.P. Bhave, G.R. Mane

India's f!rst full-scale historical and the Maharashtra Studio's costliest f!lm to date. Based on a classic by the best-known 19th/early 20th-C. Marathi novelist, it retells a famous episode in the military career of the 17th-C. Maratha emperor Shivaji (Painter) and his lieutanant, the folk hero Tanaji Malusare (Yadav). It features Tanaji's invasion of Fort Sinhagad in the dead of night, using his pet lizard to run up the wall with a rope, and his death in victory. The f!lm was a major influence on subsequent Maratl1i cinema and on Prabhat films when Maharashtra Film's key technicians worked there. It was remade by

  1. Shantaram 0933) Yadav played a double role in the ftlm.