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Shekhar Kapur, (b. 1945)

Aka Chandrasekhar Kapur; actor and director born in Lahore. Nephew of Dev and Vijay Anand. Educated in New Delhi. Chartered accountant and management consultant in London. Entered Hindi films as actor. Directorial début with Masoom, a low-budget, Hollywood-inspired melodrama using techniques derived from advertising films. Also directed the ‘curry’ western, Joshilay (resigning before it was complete; final version, released in 1989, was credited to the producer, Sibte Hasan Rizvi) and the special-effects-laden Mr India. Compered a controversial Channel 4 (UK) TV discussion programme, On The Other Hand. Made many advertising films and is a noted fashion model. Several of his big Hindi productions have been delayed, leading to a reputation for an expansive, slow-working style. However, Bandit Queen, constituting a departure from his earlier work, fictionalised the life of Phoolan Devi for Channel 4 in London, based on Mala Sen’s book. The film caused a major censorship controversy, following accusations of defamation by Phoolan Devi herself and of exploitation by feminist and other independent groups. Also directed the first episodes of the TV series Tahqiqat, starring Vijay Anand as Sam the Detective.

FILMOGRAPHY (* only d): 1974: Ishq Ishq Ishq; 1975: Jaan Hazir Hai; 1978: Pal Do Pal Ka Saath; Toote Khilone; 1979: Jeena Yahan; 1980: Bhula Na Dena; 1982: Masoom*; Bindiya Chamkegi; 1985: Joshilay*; Khandaan (TV); 1987: Mr India*; 1988: Swayamsiddha (TV); Falak; 1989: Gawahi; Udaan (TV); Mahanagar (TV); 1989: Nazar; 1990: Drishti; 1992: Saatwan Asmaan; 1994: Bandit Queen*; Tahqiqat (TV).