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Fattelal, Sheikh (1897-1964)

Marathi director and technician. Real name: Yashin Mistri, aka Sahebmama Fattelal also spelt Fatehlal. Born in Kagal, Kolhapur. Belonged to hereditary artisanal caste (Mistri means ‘ carpenter’, although his father was a stonemason). Apprenticed to the Kolhapur artist Abalal Rehman. Lifelong partner of Vishnupant Damle. Co-disciple with Damle of Baburao’s technician-artist cousin, Anandrao Painter. Co-founder of and all-round technician at Maharashtra Film. Partner and head of art department at Prabhat where he organised spectacular sets (e.g. Amritmanthan, 1934). Debut as co-dir of his only silent film, Maharathi Karna (1928). Co-directed Saint films with Damle, including Sant Tukaram (1936) (for Filmography, see Damle). Also major achievements as art director: e.g. Ayodhyecha Raja/Ayodhya? Ka Raja, Maya Machhindra (both 1932), Amar Jyoti (1936), Kunku/Duniya? Na Mane (1937), Mazha Mulga/Mera? Ladka (1938), Manoos/Admi? (1939), Shejari/Padosi? (1941) and Ramshastri (1944). Produced a film after Damle’s death (1945) for Prabhat; then solo direction of two features.

FILMOGRAPHY: 1955: Jagadguru Shankaracharya; 1956: Ayodhyapati.