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1920 st. c.6000ft B&W d/sc Suchet Singh pc Oriental Film st Kalidasa's Shakuntala c Baron Von Rayvon (Roy Vaughan?) lp Dorothy Kingdom, Goharjaan, Sampson, Mrs Sutria, Kanjlbhal Rathod, Dadibhai Sarkari, Khorshedji Engineer, Signorina Albertini, Isaac Simon, Rewashankar

Sucher Singh's debut, adapting Kalidas' Sanskrit play, features the American import Dorothy Kingdom in the title role, triggering a major Swadeshl debate with S.N. Patankar announcing a rival production in the Bombay Chronicle of 24 January I920: Shakuntala, or The Fateful Ring (1920), adapted 'strictly in accordance with the drama'. Hindustan Cinema Films joined in claiming that its. Usha Swapna was 'produced by Indian Artistes, by Indian Labour and Without Foreign Assistance'. Singh's film was a major success running for 40 consecutive days in Bombay. The cameraman was probably Roy N. Vaughan, an American import.