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Shaji Narayanan Karun (b. 1952)

Malayalam director born in Perinad Taluk, Quilon district, Kerala. Well-known cameraman, notably for Aravindan’s films but also for K.G. George and M.T. Vasudevan Nair. Graduate from the FTII’s cinematography course (1974). Directorial début, Piravi, was widely discussed in India and abroad. His camerawork (e.g. for Aravindan) virtually defines the look of Kerala’s New Indian Cinema with its soft, half-light effects that, in the black and white period, played a role reminiscent of Subrata Mitra’s work in 60s Bengali film. Colour work tends to suppress primary colours, their harsh introduction symbolising degeneracy or corruption. Also made several documentaries, e.g. Kerala Carnival, Manishada, Drishya Kerala, Kannikal etc.

FILMOGRAPHY: 1974: Lady of the Landing (Sh); 1988: Piravi; 1994: Swaham.