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Seeta Devi (b. 1912)

Stage name of actress Renee Smith. Became a star as the exotic Oriental in Himansu Rai’s Prem Sanyas?. Played the ‘other woman’ in Shiraz? and the heroine in Prapancha Pash. Thereafter worked with Priyanath Ganguly and Madan Theatres films. Also worked with Niranjan Pal and Naval Gandhi. The silent cinema scholar Virchand Dharamsey suggests that both Renee Smith and her sister Percy Smith may have appeared as ‘Seeta Devi’.

FILMOGRAPHY: 1925: Prem Sanyas; 1926: Krishnakanter Will; 1927: Durgesh Nandini; 1928: Sarala; Shiraz; The Loves of a Mughal Prince; 1929: Kapal Kundala; Prapancha Pash; 1930: Naseeb Ni Balihari; Kal Parinaya; Bharat Ramani; 1931: Kashmir Nu Gulab (all St); 1932: Shikari.