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Sautela Bhai

1962 ?’ b&w Hindi d/co-sc Mahesh Kaul pc Alok Bharati st Saratchandra Chattopadhyay’s novel Boikunther Will co-sc/dial Dev Kishen lyr Shailendra c R.L. Nagar m Anil Biswas lp Guru Dutt, Pronoti Bhattacharya, Bipin Gupta, Raaj Kumar, Ranibala, Asit Sen, Bela Bose, Radheshyam, Samar Chatterjee, Ratna Kanhaiyalal, Lakshman Singh

Melodrama about an extended family in Bengal. Baikunth Majumdar (Gupta), who has a son by a previous marriage, remarries. His new wife Bhawani raises her stepson Gokul along with her own son Vinod. When they grow up Vinod (Raaj Kumar) goes to the city to study while Gokul (Dutt) manages the family shop. Vinod turns bad in the city and his parents decide to leave the family property to Gokul. Vinod returns and contests the will. The battle between the stepbrothers over ‘mother’ and the will is resolved by Gokul’s other- worldly innocence which succeeds in uniting the family.