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  • Saudagar

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     41991 213’ col/scope Hindi 
     5d/st Subhash Ghai pc Mukta Arts sc Sachin 
     6Bhowmick dial Kamlesh Pandey lyr Anand 
     7Bakshi c Ashok Mehta m Laxmikant- 
     9lp Dilip Kumar, Raaj Kumar, Vivek Mushran, 
     10Manisha Koirala, Anupam Kher, Gulshan 
     11Grover, Dina Pathak, Jackie Shroff, Deepti 
     12Naval, Dalip Tahil, Mukesh Khanna, Anand 
     13Balraj, Amrish Puri 
     16Billed as a clash of titans between the 60s stars 
     17Raaj and Dilip Kumar, the conflict between two 
     18ageing patriarchs is told as a parable by 
     19Mandhari (Kher). The two are bosom buddies 
     20in their youth and Bir Singh aka Biru (Dilip 
     21Kumar) is supposed to marry Thakur 
     22Rajeshwar Singh’s (Raaj Kumar) sister. 
     23However, he has to abandon her because 
     24honour requires him to save a woman who has 
     25been rejected on the eve of her wedding. The 
     26thakur’s sister commits suicide and the buddies 
     27become bitter enemies, pursuing their feud 
     28over two decades while their respective 
     29families proliferate on either side of the Beas 
     30river. Each maintains a private army to counter 
     31the other’s threat. The real villain, Rajeshwar 
     32Singh’s brother-in-law Chuniya (Puri), has 
     33Biru’s eldest son Vishal (Shroff) killed when he 
     34tries to make peace. Vishal’s son Vasu 
     35(Mushran), sent to an ashram to prepare for 
     36joining his grandfather’s army, now falls in love 
     37with the enemy’s granddaughter Radha 
     38(Koirala) and the two eventually bring the 
     39warring clans together. The partiarchs die in 
     40each other’s arms. Dialogue reigns supreme in 
     41the film but the love interest between Vasu and 
     42Radha (played by newcomers, this being 
     43Koirala’s debut) culminates in the hit song Ilu