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Sati Sardaba

1924 St 8747 ft b&w d/s Nanubhai Desai pc Saraswati Film ·cBhogilal K.M. Dave lp Zubeid.a, Sultana, Mohanlala, Fatma Begum, Putli

The debut production of Saraswati Film, an otfshoot of Irani's Star Studio. Mulraj (Mohanlala), an alcoholic and gambler, wagers his sister Sardarba (Zubeida) to a bunch of crooks and loses her. The rest of the film focuses on Sardarba's tormented life and how she comes through her trials with her Virtue mtact. Apart from the sisters Zubeida and Sultana and their star mother Fatma Begum, the film features a rare screen appearance Df Gujarati stage star Mohanlala (cfNarasinh Mehta. 19.m.