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Sati Leelavathi

1995 151’ col Tamil d/sc/c Balu Mahendra pc Rajkamal Film Intl. st Ananthu dial ‘Crazy’ Mohan lyr Vali? m Ilaiyaraja lp Ramesh Aravind, Raja, Kalpana, Kamalahasan, Kovai Sarala, Heera

The married Arunachalam (Aravind) falls for Priya (Heera) to the distress of his wife Leelavathi (Kalpana). When Arunachalam moves out of his home and starts living with Priya, Leelavathi employs the services of her husband’s childhood friend Shaktivel (Kamalahasan), Shaktivel’s wife Pazhani (Sarala) and Priya’s ex-boyfriend Raja (Raja) who wants Priya back. An adaptation of Susan Seidelman’s She-Devil (1989), the film shares none of Roseanne Barr’s agency in establishing her own identity while destroying her husband’s; Mahendra’s more conventionally melodramatic alternatives were geared to middle-class acceptance and ensured the film’s success.