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Sati Ansuya

1978 132’ col Oriya d/sc A. Sanjiva Rao pc Madhav Pics dial/co-lyr Saubhagya Chandra Das c o-lyr Loknath Patnaik co-lyr/m Prafulla Kar c Babu Rao lp Chakrapani, Narendra Mishra, Roja Ramani, Mahashweta, Rita

Hit mythological made by a Telugu company and director showing Sati Ansuya narrating her story to Seeta during Rama’s banishment. Her chastity is questioned by the gods, but her devotion to her husband gives her the power to transform the Hindu trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh into children and to stop the sun from rising for seven days. The film is adapted from two successful Oriya plays, Lakhyahira and Na Pahu Rati Na Maru Pati. Its success persuaded more Telugu and other South Indian producers to explore the Oriya market.