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Sarvottam Badami (b. 1910)

Hindi, Telugu and Tamil director born in Channapatna, Karnataka. Son of a revenue officer in Mysore. Worked as motor mechanic and handyman in garage owned by Ambalal Patel, then as a projectionist at Patel’s Select Pictures cinema in Bangalore. When Patel partnered Ardeshir Irani and Chimanlal Desai in launching Sagar Film (1930), Badami, as the only available South Indian in the Bombay studio, was allowed to finish Harishchandra and Galava Rishi and went on to direct the Telugu Paduka Pattabhishekham. Made several socials at Sagar, usually starring Sabita Devi, including some of novelist K.M. Munshi’s best-known scripts, e.g. Dr. Madhurika, Vengeance is Mine. Also adapted Hollywood films, e.g. Aap Ki Marzi, based on E. Buzzell’s Paradise For Three (1938). Followed his mentor Patel to Sudama Pics. in 1939 when Sagar merged to become National Film. Worked in Famous Cine laboratory (1946- 8). Chief producer (newsreel) at Films Division (1948-52) where he also made documentaries. Left Films Division in 1954 and became an industrialist based in Bangalore; also adviser to the Kamani industrial group.

FILMOGRAPHY: 1932: Harishchandra; Galava Rishi; Paduka Pattabhishekham; Shakuntala; 1933: Chandrahasa; 1934: Grihalakshmi; 1935: Dr. Madhurika; Vengeance is Mine; 1936: Jeevan Lata; Grama Kanya; 1937: Kokila; Kulavadhu; 1938: Three Hundred Days and After; 1939: Aap Ki Marzi; Ladies Only; 1940: Chingari; Sajani; 1941: Holiday in Bombay; 1942: Khilona; 1943: Prarthana; 1944: Bhagya Lakshmi; 1945: Ramayani; 1946: Uttara Abhimanyu; 1947: Manmani; 1951: Vinoba Bhave (Doc);1952: Roof over the head

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