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1988 141’ col Kannada d/co-p/st P. Nanjundappa pc Pushpagiri Films co-p J. Rameshlal, S.V. Ganesh, M.R. Kashinath sc K.V. Raju dial Ku. Nagabhushan co-lyr/m Hamsalekha co-lyr Doddarange Gowda, Manohar c Mallikarjuna lp Ambareesh, Shankar Nag, Bhavya, Tara, Srinath, Vajramuni, Devaraj, Sudhir, Master Manjunath, Disco Shanti, Lohiteshwara, Doddanna, Lakshman, K.V. Manjaiah, Gayatri Prabhakar, S. Varalakshmi, Pratibha

Although the film’s title refers to a famous real- life Police Chief in Bangalore, T.S. Sangliana, the film bears no relation to actual events. Shankar Nag plays the cop assigned to bust a notorious gang. After several successful raids and a series of disguises, the plot thickens when Sangliana is charged with inhuman behaviour. The film’s villain Vikram (Devaraj) is a criminal backed by his politician father (Vajramuni), while the voice of morality is provided by honest journalist Mahesh, whose daughter (Bhavya) is the film’s female lead. Mainly a vehicle for action hero Nag, whose star-entry is enhanced by an unusual and relatively autonomous narrative device when fellow megastar Ambarish first appears pretending to be Sangliana.