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1968 ?’ col Hindi d/co-sc H.S. Rawail pc Rahul Theatres st Mahashweta Devi’s story co-sc Anjana Rawail dial Gulzar, Abrar Alvi lyr Shakeel Badayuni c R.D. Mathur m Naushad lp Dilip Kumar, Vyjayanthimala, Balraj Sahni, Sanjeev Kumar, Jayant, Durga Khote, Sulochana, Sundar, Iftikhar, Sapru, Mumtaz Begum, Padma, Urmila, Mehmood Jr., Master Arun, Kamaldeep, Jagdish Raj, Master Levy, Ram Mohan

Big melodrama set in the 19th C. Thuggee, a cult of bandits in Central India. Bhawani Prasad (Jayant), a legendary bandit whose own relatives have threatened to destroy him, adopts his grandson Kundan against the wishes of his wife (Khote) in order to initiate him into the ancestral profession. The boy, however, grows up (D. Kumar) into a pacificist. When his cousins (Sahni, Sanjeev Kumar) try to kill him, he is saved by a mysterious dancer (Vyjayanthimala). The original story was by noted Marxist novelist Mahashweta Devi.