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aka Chorus 1979 83’ b&w Malayalam d P.A. Backer p Salam Karasseri pc Navadhara Movie Makers s M. Sukumaran c Vipin Das m P. Devarajan lp Srinivasan, Ramu Kariat, P.R. Nambiar, Madhu Master, Rani Tankam

A symbolic story continuing Backer’s effort to provide a geneology of political activists (cf. Kabani Nadi Chuvannappol, 1975; Chuvanna Vithukal, 1976). This story is structured as a quest for a reliable leader called Goutama. The educated but cynical hero meets different men bearing that name but all reject him until he meets a CP union activist being tortured in a police cell. Only after he sees the activist killed in a lathi charge does the hero realise that he must take responsibility for his own actions and rebel against injustice rather than put his faith in a charismatic figure.