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Sandhya Ragam

aka The Evening Raga 1989 100’ col Tamil d/p/s/c Balu Mahendra pc Doordarshan m L. Vaidyanathan lp Archana, Chokkalinga Bhagavathar, Santhanam Rajalakshmi

Emotional yet humorous tale of an old Company drama actor (Bhagavathar) who leaves his village after his wife’s death and goes to live with his nephew in Madras. To spare his nephew the extra cost, he then moves into a home for the aged before being reunited with his nephew’s family. As old age is akin to early childhood, the old man forms a special relationship with the child of the house and causes major problems of adjustment for the adults. A member of a well-known Boy’s Company theatre group, the 83-year-old Bhagavathar came out of retirement to play the lead in only his second film appearance (cf. Veedu, 1987).