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Sanam Ni Shodhma

aka Looking for Love 1925 St 7468 ft b&w d M.M. Vaidya pc Saurashtra Film sic Chimanlal Luhar lpGatubhai Vaidya, Dorothy, Maganlal Dave, Bhimbhai, Monghibai, Miss Mani

Love fantasy from the short-lived but culturally influential Saurashtra Studio. Two young men, Naval and Mavji, dream of their ideal love. Naval's fantasy draws upon the Laila Majnu story while Mavji's is from the Ambian Nights. Trying to realise their dreams, Mavji falls for a woman he sees in a horse-drawn carriage. Naval meets Dolar, the daughter of Seth Kapurchand, who is trying to escape from an oppressive home. Mavji steals jewels which Naval had bought for Dolar, but the lovers overcome adversity and live happily ever after.