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aka Parallel 1985 117’ col Malayalam d/sc John C. Shankaramangalam pc Sudarshan st Ms M. Shankaramangalam c Prabhat Parida, Santosh Sivan m Jerry Amaldev lp Soorya, Babu Namboodiri, Sai Das, Balan K. Nair, T.R.K. Menon, Mathews, Leela Panicker

A film by the dean of the FTII warning against student romances. The university student Susan notices disturbing signs of cowardice in her boyfriend Jose but marries him anyway. He turns into a brutal business executive and a wife-beater. The husband’s deterioration is further emphasised in contrast with communist radical Mohan, Susan’s former hero. After suffering her husband’s brutalities as long as she can bear, she finally plucks up the courage to leave him on Christmas Eve.