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  • Salil Choudhury

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    33Self-trained composer and music director. 
    44Activist among peasantry in 24 Parganas Dist., 
    5 Bengal. Did music for IPTA plays and musical 
     5Bengal. Did music for [[IPTA]] plays and musical 
    66squads performing in Bengali countryside, 
    77calling for cultural internationalism as opposed 
    88to an emphasis on regional folk traditions (cf. 
    9 Bhupen Hazarika; also Choudhury’s Modern 
     9[[Bhupen Hazarika]]; also Choudhury’s Modern 
    1010Bengali Music in Crisis, 1951). His influences 
    1111in songs that have remained enduring 
    1414contemporary Latin American forms, such as 
    1515Abak prithibi (written by Sukanta Choudhury 
    16 and sung by Hemanta Mukherjee) and Kono 
     16and sung by [[Hemanta Mukherjee]]) and Kono 
    1717ek gayer bodhu (written by Choudhury 
    18 himself). Ghatak, in Komal Gandhar (1961), 
    19 and Mrinal Sen, in Akaler Sandhaney (e.g. 
     18himself). [[Ghatak]], in [[Komal Gandhar]] (1961), 
     19and [[Mrinal Sen]], in [[Akaler Sandhaney]] (e.g. 
    2020Hai samhalo dhan ho! on the 1943 famine) 
    2121used his music to typify the spirit of 40s Bengali 
    2222agitational theatre movements, which he also 
    23 extended to cover other genres, like Zia 
    24 Sarhadi’s Awaaz and Tarafdar’s Ganga. 
    25 Entered films with Satyen Bose. First major hit was Bimal Roy’s Do Bigha Zameen, based 
     23extended to cover other genres, like [[Zia 
     24Sarhadi]]’s [[Awaaz]] and [[Tarafdar]]’s [[Ganga]]. 
     25Entered films with [[Satyen Bose]]. First major hit was [[Bimal Roy]]’s [[Do Bigha Zameen]], based 
    2626on his own story, with full-blooded choral 
    2727compositions celebrating peasant vitality 
    2929most associated with him. Went on to score the 
    3030pathbreaking soundtrack of Roy’s 
    31 Madhumati. Also did notable work for 
    32 Hrishikesh Mukherjee films, e.g. his début 
    33 Musafir and the 70’s hit Anand. The only 
     31[[Madhumati]]. Also did notable work for 
     32[[Hrishikesh Mukherjee]] films, e.g. his début 
     33[[Musafir]] and the 70’s hit [[Anand]]. The only 
    3434front-line Hindi composer to work in several 
    3535languages: Assamese (the experimental 
    36 Aparajeya by the Chaturanga collective), 
     36[[Aparajeya]] by the Chaturanga collective), 
    3737Kannada (A.M. Samiulla’s films, including 
    3838Samshayaphala, Onderupe Eradu Guna etc., 
    39 and Balu Mahendra’s début Kokila), Tamil 
    40 (Doorathu Idhi Muzhakkam) and Telugu 
    41 (Chairman Chalamayya). Most spectacular work outside Bengali and Hindi is, however, for Ramu Kariat, scoring the several hits in his breakthrough Chemmeen, followed by Ezhu Rathrikal, Abhayam, Nellu etc. 
     39and [[Balu Mahendra]]’s début Kokila), Tamil 
     40([[Doorathu Idhi Muzhakkam]]) and Telugu 
     41(Chairman Chalamayya). Most spectacular work outside Bengali and Hindi is, however, for [[Ramu Kariat]], scoring the several hits in his breakthrough [[Chemmeen]], followed by [[Ezhu Rathrikal]], Abhayam, Nellu etc.