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Sagaram Shantham

1983 126’ col Malayalam d P.G. Vishwambaran pc Premadevas Films st Sara Thomas Babu sc John Paul lyr O.N.V. Kurup c K. Ramchandra Babu m M.B. Srinivasan lp Mammootty, Nedumudi Venu, Sreenath, Ramu, Shanti Krishna, Sukumari, Manochitra

Early Mammootty melodrama establishing some of the key tenets of his later screen persona: his commitment to helpless women, as well as his penchant for taking on the role of an avenging angel. He is the motor mechanic Anandan, who is rejected by his childhood friend Sridevi because of class differences. However, she marries a villain and gets thrown out on the streets, pregnant and penniless. Anandan takes revenge on her husband and ends up in jail, while she promises to wait for his release to marry him.