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     1'''Saeed Akhtar Mirza (b. 1943)''' 
     4Hindi-Urdu director born in Bombay. Son of 
     5noted scenarist Akhtar Mirza. Worked in 
     6advertising before joining the FTII (1973-6). 
     7Co-founder of Yukt Film Co-op with K. 
     8Hariharan, Mani Kaul, Kamal Swaroop et al., 
     9where he made Arvind Desai Ki Ajeeb 
     10Dastaan. Early films attempt a free-flowing 
     11narrative style claiming partial influence of 
     12Brazilian Cinema Novo, using vérité shots 
     13usually of Bombay’s working class. Started 
     14Iskra in collaboration with Kundan Shah, 
     15producing major TV series with each episode 
     16directed in turn by Mirza, Shah and colleagues 
     17like Raman Kumar and brother Aziz Mirza. 
     18Directed 17 of Nukkad’s 39 episodes, a drama 
     19series set on a Bombay street corner. Made 11 
     20of Intezaar’s 26 episodes, a drama series about 
     21life in Kamalpura, a very small town. The 
     22group faced censorship trouble when Kundan 
     23Shah’s serial Police Station was denied telecast 
     24permission by Doordarshan. Stated that his 
     25TV work was aimed at 14-year-olds ‘because 
     26the medium is geared to that age level.’ 
     29'''FILMOGRAPHY:''' 1976: Corpses (Doc); An 
     30Actor Prepares (Doc); 1977: The Problem of 
     31Urban Housing (Doc); 1978: Slum Eviction 
     32(Doc); Arvind Desai Ki Ajeeb Dastaan; 
     331980: Albert Pinto Ko Gussa Kyon Aata 
     34Hai; 1982: Piparsod (Sh); 1983: Mohan Joshi 
     35Haazir Ho; 1984: Rickshaw Pullers of 
     36Jabalpur (Doc); 1986: Nukkad (TV); 1987: Is 
     37Anybody Listening (Doc); 1988: We Shall 
     38Overcome (Doc); Intezaar (TV)Di; 1989: Salim 
     39Langde Pe Mat Ro; 1992: Ajanta and Ellora 
     40(Doc); 1995: Naseem.