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     1'''Saeed Jaffrey (b. 1929)''' 
     4Internationaly successful actor born in Maler 
     5Kotla in Punjab. His father worked in the 
     6Indian Medical service. Degree in history in 
     7Allahabad; worked for AIR (1951-6); formed 
     8English theatre company, the Unity Theatre, in 
     9New Delhi (1951). Worked for TV in India 
     10(1955-6). Studied at RADA in London (1956) 
     11and at the Catholic University of America. 
     12Worked for United Nations Radio and at the 
     13India Tourist Office in the USA (1958-60). 
     14Toured Shakespeare across the USA and joined 
     15the Actors’ Studio in New York. Extensive stage 
     16career in the USA and in Great Britain (1966). 
     17Cartoonist for New York Mirror. Wrote, 
     18produced and narrated Reflections of India for 
     19WQXR radio (1961-2). Made a recording of his 
     20poetry readings, Adventures in Appreciation. 
     21Hindi début in Ray’s Shatranj Ke Khiladi. 
     22Acts in many commercial Hindi films often 
     23using the Lucknowi dialect. Narrated early 
     24Merchant-Ivory shorts and appeared in their 
     25features. Numerous TV appearances in Britain, 
     26including his own series Tandoori Nights 
     27(1985-7). Made a big impact in the innovative 
     28TV series Gangsters and in the British TV film, 
     29My Beautiful Launderette. 
     31'''FILMOGRAPHY:''' 1969: Callan: The Worst 
     32Soldier I Ever Saw (TV); The Guru; View from 
     33the Window (TV); The Perfumed Garden; 
     341971: The Horsemen; 1972: The Sun Rises in 
     35the East (TV); 1974: The Wilby Conspiracy; 
     361975: The Man Who Would Be King; 1976: 
     37Gangsters (TV); 1977: Shatranj Ke Khiladi; 
     381978: Hullabaloo over Georgie and Bonnie’s 
     39Pictures; The Last Giraffe; Destiny (TV); 1979: 
     40Tales of the Unexpected: Poison (TV); Minder: 
     41The Bengal Tiger (TV); Ek Baar Phir; 1980: We 
     42Think the World of You (TV); Staying On (TV); 
     431981: Chashme Buddoor; Sphinx; 1982: 
     44Star; Gandhi; Courtesans of Bombay; 
     45Masoom; 1983: The Jewel in the Crown (TV); 
     46Kisise Na Kehna; Romance, Romance; 
     47Agaman; Ek Din Bahu Ka; Mandi; Cricketer; 
     481984: A Passage to India; The Far Pavilions 
     49(TV); Mashaal; Bhavna; The Razor’s Edge; Le 
     50Soleil se leve a l’est; 1985: Sagar; Phir Aayi 
     51Barsaat; My Beautiful Laundrette (TV); Far 
     52from the Kama Sutra (TV); White Lies (TV); 
     53Down With Oswald Pick (TV); Far from the 
     54Ganges (TV); Film Fare (TV); Ram Teri 
     55Ganga Maili; Jaanoo; Karishma Kudrat Ka; 
     56Tandoori Nights (TV); 1986: Mohammed’s 
     57Daughter (Sh); Qatl; Jalwa; Kala Dhandha 
     58Goray Log; 1987: Awaam; Khudgarz; Aulad; 
     59Adalat; Isi Bahane (TV); Tamas (TV); Killing 
     60on the Exchange (TV); 1988: Vijay; Khoon 
     61Bhari Maang; Just Ask for Diamond; Eeshwar; 
     62Kab Tak Chup Rahungi; Hero Hiralal; The 
     63Deceivers; Partition (TV); 1989: Ram Lakhan; 
     64Daata; Aakhri Gulam; Hisab Khoon Ka; 
     65Chaalbaaz; Hard Cases (TV); Manika, Une vie 
     66plus tard; Romancing the Taj (TV); 1990: 
     67Aandhiyan; Yaadon Ka Mausam; Sindoor Ki 
     68Awaaz; Solah Satra; Diwana Mujhsa Nahin; 
     69Dil; Naya Khoon; Shaandaar; After Midnight; 
     70Ghar Ho To Asia; Patthar Ke Insaan; 1991: 
     71Ajooba; Masala; Harum Scarum (TV); 
     72Rumpole and the Quacks (TV); Gunehgaar 
     73Kaun; Henna; Indrajit; Yaara Dildara; 1992: 
     74Vartmaan; Suryavanshi; Laatsaab; Nishchay; 
     751993: Balma; Guddu; Anmol; Chalte Chalte 
     76(TV); Aashiq Awara; Aaina; 15th August; Ek 
     77Hi Raasta; Aulad Ke Dushman; Little 
     78Napoleons (TV); 1994: Param Veer Chakra; 
     79Dilwale; Bali Umar Ko Salaam; Salami; Yeh 
     80Dillagi; 1995: Sauda; Vartaman; Jai Vikranta; 
     81Param Veer Chakra; Prem; Saajan Ki Baahon 
     82Mein; Veergati; Kartavya; Angrakshak; 
     83Gambler; Trimurti.