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     4aka The Gist 
     51984 137’ col Hindi 
     6d/st/co-sc/co-dial Mahesh Bhatt pc Rajshree 
     7Prod. co-sc Sujit Sen co-dial Amit Khanna 
     8lyr Vasant Dev c Adeep Tandon m Ajit Varman 
     9lp Rohini Hattangadi, Anupam Kher, Soni 
     10Razdan, Madan Jain, Suhas Bhalekar, Nilu 
     14Bhatt follows his successful Arth (1982) with 
     15this expressionistic psychodrama about old 
     16age, fading idealism and political corruption. 
     17Old Pradhan (Kher, in his debut performance), 
     18a retired headmaster, and his wife Parvati 
     19(Hattangadi) learn that their son, studying in 
     20New York, has been mugged and killed. 
     21Pradhan goes through the trauma of 
     22bureaucratic corruption to receive his cremated 
     23son’s ashes at the airport. Their tenant Sujata 
     24(Razdan), a young actress, is in love with Vilas 
     25(Jain), whose father is the corrupt politician 
     26Chitre (Phule). When Sujata finds herself 
     27pregnant, Pradhan and Parvati believe that it is 
     28their son reborn and protect Sujata from 
     29Chitre’s threats. The problem of bureaucratic 
     30ineptitude is solved when Pradhan goes to 
     31meet a minister who turns out to be his former 
     32student and still retains his old teacher’s sense 
     33of integrity. In the end, the old couple are 
     34reconciled to the loss of their son. The film has 
     35an oppressive soundtrack, with heavy music 
     36and effects underlining the states of loneliness, 
     37fear and frustration.