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     1'''SHAKTI SAMANTA (B. 1925)''' 
     4Hindi director and producer born in Burdwan 
     5District. Science student; then assistant director 
     6on Raj Kapoor's Sunehre Dill (1949). Assisted 
     7and wrote scripts for Phani Majumdar 
     8(Baadbaan, DhobiDoctor, both 1954). Early 
     9films include successful crime thrillers 1953- 
     1063) in the Filmistan mould (Howrah Bridge, 
     11Detective,]aali Note) and classic Shammi 
     12Kapoor hits (China Town, Singapore), 
     13switching abruptly to love stories (1964-74) 
     14when he started working in colour (Kashmir 
     15Ki Kali). Best-known film: Aradhana, 
     16launching 70s superstar Rajesh Khanna and 
     17initiating a new version of the tragic love story 
     18formula. continued with A mar Prem and 
     19Amtraag. Has made Hindi-Bengali bilinguals 
     20(roughly 1975-85), starring Bengali star Uttam 
     21Kumar.Amanusb introduced the Hindi 
     22melodrama genre into 80s Bengali cinema, and 
     23its success led to a series of Bengali hits, e.g. 
     24Kanak Mukherjee's La! Kothi (1977), some 
     25made by non-Bengali directors, e.g. Batra 
     26Mohinder's Prahan' 0982) and Pramod 
     27Chakravarty's Teen Murti (1984). Bhimsingh's 
     28Ragam (1975) adapted his Anuraag. Currently 
     29produces films made by son Ashim Samanta 
     30(Main Awara Hoon, 1983; Palay Khan, 1986). 
     31Appointed chairman of the Central Board of 
     32Film Certification 1990). 
     35'''FILMOGRAPHY''': 1955: Babu; 1956: 
     36Inspector, 1957: Hill Station; Sheroo; 1958: 
     37Howrah Bridge; Detective; 1959: Jnsaan 
     38jaag Utha: 1960:jaali Note; Singapore; 
     391962: China Town; lsi Ka Naam Duniya 
     40Hai; Naughty Boy 1963: Ek Raaz; 1964: 
     41Kashmir Ki Kali; 1966: Sa wan Ki Ghat a; 
     421967: An Evening in Pan's, 1969: Aradhana; 
     431970: Kati Patang; Pagla Kabin Ka; 1971: 
     44A mar Prem; jaarw Anjane, 1972: Anuraag;; 
     451974: Ajnabi; Chan'traheen;Amanush; 
     461976: Mehbooba; 1977: Anand Asbram; 
     47Anurodh; 1979: The Great Gambler, 1980: 
     48Khwab; 1981: Barsaat Ki Ek Raat/ 
     49Anusa11dhan; 1982: Ayaash; 1984: Awaaz; 
     501985: Aar Paar/ An yay Abichar, Alag Alag: 
     511990: Dushrnan; 1993: Geetanjali.