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Rushya Shringa

1976 112’ col Kannada d/sc V.R.K. Prasad pc Young Cinema st/lyr Chandrasekhar Kambhar from his play dial G.V. Iyer c S. Ramchandra m B.V. Karanth lp Rathna, Suresh Heblikar, Sundarshree, Kavitha, Shanta, Swarnamma

Melodrama derived from a a contemporary adaptation of a myth. In a rainless village, a demon possesses the headman and the local deity prophesies that only Balappa can solve the problem. On his arrival, Balappa embarrasingly fails until he meets his father’s ghost. When he takes on the headman, the man’s wife appears as a goddess, gives him a necklace and tells him that if he sleeps with a virgin wearing the necklace, the rain will come. Eventually Balappa does indeed bring rain and rids the village of its demon.