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1965 140’ b&w Malayalam d/st P.N. Menon p Mani pc Vrindavan Pics sc P.J. Anthony lyr P. Bhaskaran c E.N. Balakrishnan m Job lp P.J. Anthony, Kaviyoor Ponnamma, Prem Nazir, Nirmala, Thikkurisi Sukumaran Nair, T.S. Muthaiah, D.K. Chellappan, Johnson, C.P. Anthony, M.M. Narayanan Nair, Sushil Kumar, E. Madhavan, Susheela

The former art director Menon’s directorial debut stars the scenarist of this crime melodrama. Having unintentionally murdered a man to save his sister’s honour, Thumman flees and finds shelter in a fisherman’s hut where he falls in love with his benefactor’s daughter Rosy. In spite of the obstacles, the lovers decide to marry. When a police inspector appears in the village, Thumman and the pregnant Rosy escape to the mountains and are sheltered by a Muslim friend. Eventually, Rosy dies giving birth and Thumman, having buried his family, calmly allows himself to be arrested.