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    44Major Bengali comedian. Best known in the 
    5 role of Bagha in Satyajit Ray’s fantasy, Goopy 
    6 Gyne Bagha Byne, repeating the character in 
    7 Hirak Rajar Deshe and in Sandeep Ray’s 
     5role of Bagha in [[Satyajit Ray]]’s fantasy, [[Goopy 
     6Gyne Bagha Byne]], repeating the character in 
     7[[Hirak Rajar Deshe]] and in Sandeep Ray’s 
    88sequel Goopy Bagha Phere Elo, as well as for 
    9 the unemployed youth in Aranyer Din Ratri. 
    10 Stage actor with Utpal Dutt’s Little Theatre 
     9the unemployed youth in [[Aranyer Din Ratri]]. 
     10Stage actor with [[Utpal Dutt]]’s Little Theatre 
    1111Group (1953-60), e.g. Chhayanat and Angar. 
    121260s films continued in the line of Bengali film 
    1313comedians (e.g. Tinkari Chakraborty, Indu 
    14 Mukherjee, Amar Mullick, etc.). Ghosh 
    15 regarded Tulsi Chakraborty, along with 
     14Mukherjee, [[Amar Mullick]], etc.). Ghosh 
     15regarded [[Tulsi Chakraborty]], along with 
    1616Harold Lloyd and Harry Langdon, as his main 
    1717influence. Also acted in other Ray films 
    18 (Abhijaan, Mahapurush, Aranyer Din Ratri, 
    19 Jana Aranya), for Tapan Sinha (Apanjan, 
    20 Sabuj Dwiper Raja) and Mrinal Sen 
    21 (Abasheshe, Chorus). Also acted in almost all 
    22 Dinen Gupta films between 1972-85. His small 
     18([[Abhijaan]], [[Mahapurush]], [[Aranyer Din Ratri]], 
     19[[Jana Aranya]]), for [[Tapan Sinha]] ([[Apanjan]], 
     20Sabuj Dwiper Raja) and [[Mrinal Sen]] 
     21(Abasheshe, [[Chorus]]). Also acted in almost all 
     22[[Dinen Gupta]] films between 1972-85. His small 
    2323body, mobile face and extraordinary timing 
    2424was acclaimed by his stage mentor, Utpal Dutt,