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Ritru Prem

aka Father's Love 1929 st 9868ft b&w d Harilal M. Bhatt pc Mahavir Photoplays lp Miss Mani, Gaby Hill, Mr Dave, Mr Yusuf, Y.L. Chichulkar, S.P. Niphadkar, Madanlal

Arguing for communal harmony and filial piety, the film tells of Madhumal (Dave), a rich Zamindar, his beloved son Shashibhushan (YusuO, his loving daughter Annapurna (Mani) and his adopted son Madhav (Chichenkar). When Madhumal picks up a wounded child swathed in bandages, a title says 'nay- Hindus and Mohammedans are but the children of one loving father- God'. In close-up, Madhumal is shown donating equally to the Aligarh Muslim and Benares Hindu universities. In contrast, his dissolute son Shashibhushan falls into the clutches of the villain Gadbaddas and the courtesan Nu~ehan (Hill). 1262 ft survives with the NFAI.