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     1'''Ratha Pasam''' 
     41954 179’ b&w Tamil d R.S. Mani p Avai Prod. sc C.V. Sridhar c Magi m Athmanathan, A.V. Natarajan lp T.K. Shanmugham, T.K. Bhagavathi, T.S. Baliah, Anjali Devi, Vidyapathi, M.S. Draupadi 
     7Originally a successful play of the T.K.S. Brothers, the brothers repeated their roles in the film version. The Bombay pickpocket Raja (Shanmugham), who ran away from Madras as a boy, loves the street dancer Rani (Anjali Devi) and lives in a hut with her and her grandfather. Raja’s elder brother Raghu (Bhagavathi) is a Madras businessman and lives with his wife Sarala (Draupadi) and their son Mohan. In Bombay on business, Raghu is cheated by his company’s branch manager, Manorama (Vidyapathi), and her lover Madhu (Baliah) and he cannot face going home. Sarala arrives in search of her disappeared husband. She is sheltered by Raja and is employed by the thieves Manorama and Madhu as a maid. The villains escape with all the loot and Raja, who tried to detain them, finds Raghu trying to rape Rani. Raja and Raghu are at each other’s throats when Sarala emerges to solve matters as blood proves to be thicker than water.