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Rarichan Enna Pauran

aka Citizen Rarichan 1956 166’ b&w Malayalam d/lyr P. Bhaskaran p T.K. Pareekutty pc Chandrathara Prod., Vauhini s Uroob c B.J. Reddy m K. Raghavan lp Vilasini, Prema, Miss K.P. Raman Nair, Master Latif, K.P. Oomer, J.A.R. Anand, P. Kunjava, Ramu Kariat, Kochappan, Kalamandalam Kalyanikutty Amma, Padmanabhan, Manavalan Joseph

Rarichan (Latif) is an orphan employed by a kindly widow and her daughter in their teashop. When he saves the day by producing the daughter’s dowry enabling her to get married, it turns out he stole it and is arrested.Lyricist Bhaskaran’s first solo as director in many ways continues the Newspaper Boy (1955) type of realism, but in more melodramatic form using more songs (including some lilting Mappila folk music from North Malabar). The other film that probably inaugurated this trend of ‘heartwarming’ realist films featuring children performing adult tasks was Boot Polish (1954).