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Ranga Police

1958 ?’ b&w Assamese d Nip Barua pc Milita Silpi Cine s Ramesh Sarin c Nalin Duara m Nizamuddin Hazarika lp Jnananda Kakoti, Nip Barua, Munin Burman, Abdul Majid, Syed Abdul Malik, Bhola Kakoti, Bina Das

Best-known Assamese director Nip Barua’s first major film, made for an amateur theatre group turned film company. Melodrama about an honest policeman who has to weigh his principles against the difficulties faced by his impoverished family. One of the first Assamese films to receive critical attention outside the region. The composer, noted for scoring several numbers in the popular Jyoti Sangeet idiom, is a former colleague of Jyotiprasad Agarwala.