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1988 153’ col Kannada d/p/s Ravichandran pc Eswari Prod. dial/lyr/m Hamsalekha c R. Madhusudhan lp Ravichandran, Umashree, Anant Nag, Khushboo, Lokesh, Jaijagadish, Master Manjunath

Complicated crime narrative dedicated mainly to star/director Ravichandran’s self-promotion. The confrontation between the gangster Ranadheera (Ravichandran) and the Police Inspector General (Lokesh), as well as a love story featuring the Police Chief’s daughter (Khushboo), both of which lead to the reform of the hero, form the main plot. The film, however, works with several other ‘reflexive’ devices, including references to Ravichandran’s earlier hit Premaloka (1987), direct address to the audience and a scene in which the hero narrates the film to school children.