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Ramer Sumati/Chhota? Bhai

1947 131’[B]/144’[H] b&w Bengali/Hindi? d Kartick Chattopadhyay pc New Theatres st Saratchandra Chattopadhyay sc Sudhiranjan Mukherjee dial [H] Mohanlal Bajpai lyr [H] Romesh Panday c Sudhin Majumdar m Pankaj Mullick lp Molina Devi, Master Shakoor[H]/Master Swagat[B], Rajalakshmi, Paul Mohinder[H], Sisir Batabyal[B], Asit Sen, Khursheed, Phani Roy[B], Chhabi Roy, Jahar Ganguly, Tulsi Chakraborty

Kartick Chattopadhyay’s debut adapts a Saratchandra story about a typically affectionate sister-in-law. Narayani (Molina Devi) raises her husband’s (Ganguly) young stepbrother Ramlal (Shakoor/Swagat?), and is the only person who can control him when he becomes a notorious prankster. Problems develop between Ramlal and Narayani’s visiting mother, and Narayani eats the two pet fish in Ramlal’s pond. Ramlal attempts to run away before he is reconciled with Narayani.