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Ram Ram Gangaram

1977 160’ col Marathi d/p/co-lyr Dada Kondke pc Dada Kondke Prod. s/co-lyr Rajesh Majumdar c Arvind Laad m Ram-Lakshman lp Dada Kondke, Ashok Saraf, Usha Chavan, Dhumal, Anjana, Ratnamala, Master Bhagwan

Gangaram (Kondke) becomes a millionaire after the death of a rich uncle and leaves his village to go to Bombay where he has to face his uncle’s corrupt manager and his gullible, illiterate mother. Disillusioned, he gives up his wealth and returns to the village and to his lover Gangi (Chavan). Kondke’s film had a censorship problem apparently because the original version (entitled Gangaram Vis Kalmi) referred to Indira Gandhi’s Twenty-point Economic Programme during the Emergency, and the film itself was intended as a political satire. A partially re-edited version was released under this new title. Kondke’s style, however, remains intact, including the song Gangu tarunya tuzha befaam jasa ishkacha atom bomb.