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Raja Parvai

1981 144’ col Tamil d Singeetham Srinivasa Rao pc Haazan Bros. s Hazan K, Santhanabharati lyr Kannadasan, Vairamuthu, Gangai Amaran c Barun Mukherjee m Ilaiyaraja lp L.V. Prasad, Kamalahasan, Madhavi, Nirmala, KPAC Lalitha, Y.G. Mahendran, Delhi Ganesh

A major Kamalahasan melodrama in which he plays a blind musician oppressed since infancy by his evil stepmother. Nancy (Madhavi) falls in love with him, but her father David forces her to marry someone else. The happy ending sees the lovers elope on a scooter with the aid of Nancy’s grandfather (Prasad). Kamalahasan apparently persuaded the producer, director and ex-actor Prasad to come out of retirement for this role. Both the direction and Kamalahasan’s performance are unabashedly melodramatic, milking the hero’s disability for all its worth, and Srinivasa Rao’s notorious zooms and cutaways underlined by rapid and awkward editing are fully in evidence. Unusually, the credits list everyone in a single rolling title sequence without assigning individual credits.