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Raja Harischandra

aka King Harishchandra 1913 St 3700 ft b&w

d1slp D.G. Phalke pc Phalke Films cTrymbak B. Telang. lp D.D. Dabke, P.G. Sane,

  1. Phalke. G.V. Sane, Dattatreya , Dattatreya Telang, Ganpat G. Shinde, Vishnu Hari Aundhkar, Anna Salunke, Nath T. Telang.

Commonly performed and often-filmed Mahabharata legend and Phalke's first feature. The fil~ is often celebrated for having inaugurated the Indian film industry following Phalke's own claim to that effect (ICC Report, 1928). The cast was drawn from non- professionals and although Phalke wanted to cast women in female roles (breaking with stage tradition), no woman agreed to perform. After its premiere on 21 April, the film was released at the Coronation Cinematograph on 3 May as part of a variety entertainment programme which also included The MacClements? : A Comical Sketch .and Alexandroff The Wonderful Foot]uggler. The film that survives and has been extensively screened following the Indian Silent Cinema package at the Pordenone Film Festival 1994 is the 1917 remake.