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     1'''Raja Babu''' 
     41994 161’ col/scope Hindi 
     5d David Dhawan pc Sapna Arts p Nandu 
     6G. Tolani st/sc K. Bhagyaraj dial Anees 
     7Bazmee lyr Sameer c Rajan Kinagi m Anand- 
     8Milind, Amar Haldipur 
     9lp Govinda, Karishma Kapoor, Shakti Kapoor, 
     10Aruna Irani, Gulshan Grover, Prem Chopra, 
     11Kadar Khan 
     14The best-known example of the formula 
     15associated with Govinda’s starring roles. He 
     16plays Raja Babu, the spoilt and wayward son of 
     17the rich landlord Kishen Singh (Khan) and a 
     18doting mother (Irani). Raja seeks to seduce 
     19Madhu (K. Kapoor), which involves, among 
     20other stratagems, dressing up like 
     21Dharmendra in Dharam Veer (1977). Just 
     22before they are to marry Madhu discovers that 
     23Raja is illiterate and insults his father by 
     24publicly calling off the marriage. Later, Madhu 
     25changes her mind, but by then Raja has agreed 
     26to marry a girl chosen by his father. Later, Raja’s 
     27illegitimate birth and the ambitions of the evil 
     28Lakhan (Chopra), Raja’s Uncle, assisted by 
     29Lakhan’s son Banke (Grover), trigger the 
     30complicated climax as first Raja and then his 
     31mother get thrown out of the house before 
     32joining forces to defeat the crooks. The film 
     33became notorious for its two song hits Aa ee 
     34oo/mera dil na todo (with Govinda dressed as 
     35a Congress politician and chorus girls who 
     36sexily raise their severe white and blackbordered 
     37sarees associated with the female 
     38workers of the party) and Sarkailo khatiya, 
     39both of which led to a major censorship 
     40controversy following accusations of obscenity, 
     41mainly since they were extensively aired on 
     42satellite TV before being submitted to the 
     43Indian censor board.