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aka Writing aka Rachna 1983 149’ b&w Malayalam d Mohan p Sivan Kunnamppilly pc Thushara Films st Eastman Anthony sc/dial John Paul lyr Mullahakshmi c Vasant Kumar m M.B. Srinivasan lp Nedumudi Venu, Srividya, Gopi, Mammootty, Poornima Jayaram, Vijay Menon, Jagathi Srikumar, Ramu, Isaac Thomas

The story, told in flashback, of a writer, Shriprasad (Gopi), who uses his wife Sharada (Srividya) to get to know a simple-minded man, Unni (Venu), so that he may use him as source material for his next novel. The duped simpleton finds out the truth and commits suicide, leaving the wife insane with guilt and the writer a broken man even though the author of a highly acclaimed novel. The director is a well-known playwright and stage director as well as a prolific film-maker.