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Pushpak/Pushpaka? Vimana/Pesum? padum

aka The Love Chariot 1987 131’ col Wordless (Hindi/Kannada/Tamil?) d/s/co-p Singeetham Srinivasa Rao co-p Srinagar Nagaraj pc Mandakini Chitra c B.C. Gowri Shankar m L. Vaidyanathan lp Kamalahasan, Amala, Tinnu Anand, Samir Khakhar, K.S. Ramesh, Loknath, Prathap Pothan, P.L. Narayana, Farida Jalal, Ramya

Apparently taking its cue from Mel Brooks’s Silent Movie (1976), this wordless comedy helped change Kamalahasan’s screen image. An unemployed youth (Kamalahasan) sees a drunken man (Khakhar) with a fancy hotel’s room key dangling from his pocket. The youth kidnaps the drunk and ties him up in his own tenement room, making elaborate arrangements to allow his prisoner to perform his daily toilet (he cuts a hole in the prisoner’s chair and gift-wraps the excrement). The youth then checks into the hotel where he immediately becomes the target of a hoodlum (Anand) who tries to murder him with knifeshaped ice cubes (when the ice melts, the murder weapon would vanish).