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     21987 164’ col Hindi 
     3d/ed/co-sc N. Chandra pc Usha Kiron Movies 
     4p A. Rama Rao, Ramoji Rao st/co-sc T. Krishna 
     5dial Jalees lyr/m Ravindra Jain c H. Laxmi 
     6Narayan lp Sujata Mehta, Arvind Kumar, Charan Raj, 
     7Rohini Hattangadi, Mohan Bhandari, Ashok 
     8Saraf, K. Srinivasa Rao, A. Rama Rao, Nana 
     12Continuing on a more ambitious scale his 
     13contributions to lumpenised political activity in 
     14India (cf. Ankush, 1985), Chandra pits a 
     15violent criminal-political gang against a small 
     16group of morally upright citizens in the 
     17fictional town of Dharampura. The bad guys 
     18are led by the dreaded gangster Kali Prasad 
     19(Charan Raj), who runs his own court and 
     20police with the help of a crooked lawyer 
     21(Saraf). On the side of the good is the young 
     22college lecturer Laxmi (Mehta), the fiery Durga 
     23(Hattangadi) whose husband was killed by 
     24Kali, and former policeman Karamveer 
     25(Patekar), who goes mad when his wife is 
     26raped by the gangster. Laxmi is stripped in 
     27public by Kali, after which - having reformed 
     28her unruly students - she contests a local 
     29election with their help in an effort to defeat 
     30the villain. Kali wins the election through booth 
     31capturing and terror. In the end Laxmi kills the 
     32gangster in a public gathering, using his 
     33election symbol of the axe, invoking in the 
     34process the legend of Parashuram.