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Pranam Khareedu

1978 137’ b&w Telugu d K. Vasu pc Shri Annapurna Cine Ents. p Kranthi Kumar s C.S. Rao lyr Jaladi c R. Raghunandha Reddy m Chakravarthy lp Chandramohan, Jayasudha, Chiranjeevi, Reshmi, Ravu Gopala Rao, Nutan Prasad, Satyanarayana, Ramaprabha

Chiranjeevi’s debut hit about the misdeeds of the village landlord Kankaiah (Rao). The deaf- mute Bhimudu (Chandramohan) and Narsi (Chiranjeevi) are the landlord’s servants. Narsi leaves for the city in search of employment. The landlord misunderstands his young second wife’s (Jayasudha) kindness towards Bhimudu and her illness to mean that she has become pregnant by the servant, and has him whipped. When Narsi returns, having earned some money, he finds that Bhimudu’s sister (Reshmi), whom he had intended to marry, was raped by the landlord’s brother-in-law. The landlord later also kills Bhimudu and his own wife. Narsi kills Kankaiah, while the villagers rise up in revolt. The film is partly contextualised by the political ruralism of the New Indian Cinema.