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     41991 166’ col/scope Hindi 
     5d/co-s Nana Patekar pc Divya Films Combine 
     6co-s Sujit Sen dial Hriday Lani lyr Mangesh 
     7Kulkarni c Debu Deodhar m Laxmikant- 
     9lp Nana Patekar, Dimple Kapadia, Madhuri 
     10Dixit, Habib Tanvir 
     13Patekar’s weirdly fascist fantasy of a military 
     14Pied Piper followed by naked boys about to be 
     15transformed into a glorious army of bullies 
     16which will sort out the mess created by 
     17‘emasculated’ people in the real world. The first 
     18half of the film lovingly portrays a dictatorial 
     19Major Chouhan (Patekar himself) subjecting the 
     20youthful male bodies to some gruelling tests. 
     21We learn that the major’s Messianism is rooted 
     22in a tragic childhood: his mother was sold as a 
     23prostitute and he spends the rest of his life 
     24compensating for the helplessness he felt then. 
     25When one of the major’s wards is killed by 
     26gangsters extracting protection money from his 
     27father, the local baker, Patekar confronts the 
     28thugs, but the ordinary folk in the area do not 
     29understand the need for drastic action and the 
     30hero is forced to massacre the villains in the 
     31dead of night, watched only by the widow of 
     32one of their former victims. The climax is, in 
     33the light of subsequent events in Bombay, a 
     34chillingly deliberate orgy of violence. The 
     35ensuing court case sentences Patekar to a 
     36lunatic asylum, where he fantasises about his 
     37naked, pubescent army.