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1964 156’ b&w Telugu d B.N. Reddi pc Shri Sambhu Films st Munipalle Raju’s novel Pujari sc/dial D.V. Narasaraju lyr Devulapalli Krishna Sastry, C. Narayana Reddy, Kosaraju c U. Rajagopal m Saluri Rajeshwara Rao lp A. Nageshwara Rao, Gummadi Venkateshwara Rao, Relangi Venkatramaiah, Ramana Reddy, Savitri, Jamuna, Vijayalakshmi, Rajashree, K. Jaggaiah

Love story about the shy and sensitive Madhu (Nageshwara Rao), a lover of music, who meets and has affairs with three women, each making a radically different kind of sexual proposition. The first, Vasanthi (Jamuna), represents romantic love leading to several musical compositions in her praise; the second, Seeta (Savitri), is the devoted partner who restores his emotional health when Vasanthi leaves, and the third, Neelanagini (Vijayalakshmi), is the seductive courtesan from a family of entertainers. Eventually Madhu selects Seeta. The performances of the leading duo were praised in the popular press, esp. Nageshwara Rao’s as the lovesick poet, continuing his Devadasu (1953) image. The music includes work of the celebrated violinist Paravur Gopalakrishnan.