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Ponthan Mada

1993 119’ col Malayalam d/sc T.V. Chandran pc Horizon Cinema st C.V. Sriraman from his stories Ponthan Mada and Seema Thampuran c Venu m Johnson lp Mammootty, Naseeruddin Shah, Laboni Sarkar, Rashmi

Nostalgic movie set in the 40s about the irrational bonding of the low-caste Ponthan Mada (Mammootty) with his colonial landlord Seema Thampuran (Shah), an aristocrat who spent his youth in England until he was expelled for supporting the Irish Republican Army. The two transcend class boundaries as they communicate through Thampuran’s window, with Mada hanging from a palm tree. This past is excavated mainly by the arrival of a family, decades later, to live in Thampuran’s abandoned mansion.