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Policena Hendthi

1990 155’ col Kannada d/sc Saiprakash pc Dynamic Film Makers p Hariprasad, Raghubabu, Sudhakar, A.J.V. Prasad st Omkar dial Ku. Nagabhushan lyr R.N. Jayagopal c Krishna m M. Ranga Rao lp Malashree, Shashi Kumar, Devaraj, Mukhyamantri Chandru, Jaijagadish, Mysore Lokesh, Umesh, Anjana, Tara, Srinivasa Murthy, Sitara, Vinaya Prasad

This propaganda attack on lower-caste people tells of Vanaja (Malashree), a television news reader who provides for her brother Avatari Lokayya (Devaraj) and his wife. The unemployed brother makes his money by putting on various disguises until he is caught trying to masquerade as a lower-caste person in order to obtain state benefits. He later delivers a speech about the evils anti-caste discrimination laws. Vanaja marries a timid cop and transforms him into a ‘real man’. She also arranges the cop’s sister’s marriage while herself getting through a tough civil service examination. The woman’s achievements are connected with her devotion to her husband and family, exemplifying Brahminical morality.