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     6Plaza Theatre located on M.G.Road, Bangalore was a premier movie theatre that started operations in 1936 and had its last screening on March 17, 2005. It now serves as the central station for the Bangalore Metro 
    68Arcot Narrain Swamy Mudaliar was a contractor who built many buildings in Bangalore including the Attara Kacheri (the present premises of the Karnataka High Court).[1] From the money he earned out of it, he purchased a number of properties on M. G. Road including a 17,000 sq ft (1,600 m2). property over which the Plaza theatre was eventually built. His grandsons, A S Krishnamoorthy and Rajamanickam Velu wanted to construct a film theatre on this property, where they were formerly running a furniture business and went to Great Britain to understand how a great film theatre should look like.[2] They came back and constructed Plaza theatre in the year 1936 modeling it after the Piccadilly Circus in London.[3] The first film to be screened here was The Broadway Melody in April 1936.[3] The theatre also had a wooden dance floor which was used by English soldiers for ball dancing.[4] Initial ticket prices ranged from eight annas for the front seats to 1 rupee and 12 annas for the balcony's highest seat, called The Dress Circle.[5] The theatre also had a bar which served drinks to patrons who came to watch movies.