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     4aka Birth 
     51988 110’ col Malayalam 
     6d/co-sc Shaji N. Karun pc Filmfolk 
     7co-sc/st S. Jayachandran Nair co-sc Raghu 
     8c Sunny Joseph m Mohan Sitara, Aravindan 
     9lp Premji, Archana, Lakshmiamma, 
     10C.V. Sriraman, Mullenezhi, Chandran Nair 
     13A visually engrossing yet austere directorial 
     14debut by Kerala’s leading cinematographer. 
     15The plot is taken from actuality and concerns a 
     16frail but dogged old man, Chakyar (Premji), 
     17who obsessively searches for his vanished son, 
     18Raghu, venturing even into bewildering 
     19Trivandrum to seek an audience with the 
     20Home Minister. The man’s daughter learns that 
     21her brother probably died in police custody 
     22after being tortured, but she cannot bear to tell 
     23her father who continues to hope and to 
     24search. However, the old man’s grip on reality 
     25is slipping fast and he begins dreaming that his 
     26son is with him. The story is based on the 
     27disappearance of Rajan, a Naxalite sympathiser, 
     28during the Emergency. Rajan’s father later sued 
     29the Congress-I Government. The film’s force 
     30comes from its skilful orchestration of time and 
     31space into fascinating rhythmical patterns 
     32interacting with land and cityscapes, drawing 
     33the viewer into the father’s obsessive search in 
     34everyday, indifferent surroundings. It is also 
     35highly mystical, and deflects a major real-life 
     36incident with direct political repercussions into 
     37a brand of orientalist fatalism.