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aka The Return 1986 94’ col Bengali d/sc/p Buddhadev Dasgupta st Narendranath Mitra c Dhrubajyoti Basu m Jyotish Dasgupta lp Subrata Nandy, Alaknanda Dutt, Alaknanda Dasgupta, Aniket Sengupta, Sunil Mukherjee, Devika Mukherjee, Biplab Chatterjee, Kamu Mukherjee, Pradeep Sen

The story of Sasanka (Nandy), a lonely, misanthropic playwright who finds his talent for writing, producing and starring in Bengali jatra theatre waning. His wife Jamuna (D. Mukherjee) leaves the crotchety artist and only his servant Rashu (S. Mukherjee) keeps him company. Into his dessicated environment comes his widowed sister-in-law Saraju (A. Dutt) and her small son Kanu (A. Sengupta). Sexual desire and the friendship of the child restore Sasanka’s creative powers.