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     1'''Phani Majumdar (1911-94)''' 
     4Hindi and Bengali director born in Faridpur 
     5(now Bangladesh). Also worked in other 
     6languages. Graduated from Carmichael College 
     7(1930); worked as a typist. Employed by P.C. 
     8Barua (1931-7) as stenographer and later as 
     9assistant director and scenarist for Mukti 
     10(1937). Also scripted Prafulla Roy’s Abhigyan 
     11(1938). First film: Street Singer, a big New 
     12Theatres hit which added a new dimension to 
     13the K.L. Saigal persona initially moulded by 
     14Barua. Kanan Devi is the female lead and Rai 
     15Chand Boral’s music included Saigal’s biggest 
     16hit song, Babul Mora. Doctor is based on a 
     17Sailajananda Mukherjee story and scored by 
     18Pankaj Mullick. Moved to Bombay (1941) and 
     19worked at Laxmi Prod. making musicals. 
     20Associated with New Maharashtra Film as 
     21producer; also made films at Bombay Talkies, 
     22at Ranjit and as a freelancer. Late 40s work 
     23became more ‘socially conscious’(Insaaf, Hum 
     24Bhi Insaan Hain, Andolan). Baadbaan is the 
     25last film of Bombay Talkies, financed by the 
     26studio’s employees in an attempt to stave off 
     27bankruptcy. Like Balkrishna Narayan Rao, 
     28he made several features for Shaws Malay Film 
     29Prod. (1956-9) in Singapore, starring e.g. the 
     30singer P. Ramlee in Hang Tuah, one of the 
     31earliest Malay colour features, and in Kaseh 
     32Sayang, a successful war movie about the 
     33Japanese invasion; also made Long House/ 
     34Rumah Panjang, an English-Malay bilingual 
     35about Borneo headhunters shot on location, 
     36and his last film before returning to India, 
     37Circus, a Chinese-Malay bilingual. The 
     38prominent Malaysian film-maker Jamil Sulong 
     39assisted Majumdar on 6 of the 8 films. Later 
     40wrote the travelogue Borneo Ke Naramund 
     41Shikari (1983). Also made films in less familiar 
     42Indian languages: Magadhi (Bhaiya) and 
     43Maithili (Kanyadaan), having already made a 
     44Punjabi film (Chambe Di Kali) while still in 
     45Calcutta. Also made several documentaries and 
     46children’s shorts, such as Saral Biswas based 
     47on a Tagore poem, Veer Purush and TV series 
     48such as Bulbul and the 52-episode Our India 
     49(1993). Best-known films include Tamasha and 
     50Baadbaan, starring Ashok Kumar. Script 
     51credits include Sharan Agarwal’s Pratima Aur 
     52Payal (1977) and Raghunath Jhalani’s Badalte 
     53Rishte (1978). 
     55'''FILMOGRAPHY:''' 1938: Street Singer/ 
     56Saathi; 1939: Kapal Kundala; 1940: Doctor; 
     571941: Chambe Di Kali; 1942: Aparadh; 
     58Tamanna; 1943: Mohabbat; 1944: Meena; 
     591945: Devadasi; 1946: Door Chalein; Insaaf; 
     601948: Hum Bhi Insaan Hain; 1951: Andolan; 
     611952: Goonj; Tamasha; 1954: Baadbaan; 
     62Dhobi Doctor; Two Worlds (Doc); 1955: 
     63Faraar; 1955: Hang Tuah; 1956: Anakku 
     64Sazali; 1957: Kaseh Sayang; Long House/ 
     65Rumah Panjang; 1958: Masyarakat Pincang; 
     66Sri Menanti; Doctor; 1959: Circus; Saral 
     67Biswas; 1960: Veer Purush; 1961: Bhaiya; 
     68Savitri; 1962: Aarti; 1965: Birthday; 
     69Akashdeep; Oonche Log; Kanyadaan; 
     70Mamata; 1966: Toofan Mein Pyar Kahan; 
     711968: Apna Ghar Apni Kahani; 1969: Munna; 
     721975: Shri Aurobindo: Glimpses of His Life 
     73(Doc/3 parts); 1989: Babul; 1990: Fire (Sh); 
     74Common Accidents (Doc).